Frequently Asked Questions

Instaboro and its Instaboro Movie Box is a DVD and Blu-Ray rental service in Hillsboro, Kansas. It is stocked regularly with the latest and hottest Hollywood releases. The Instboro Movie Box is located in the Hillsboro Ampride (512 E D Street) and is open during normal store hours.
There are several ways in which Instaboro can give you better service and convenience than other popular entertainment resources. First, our new releases are stocked up to 28 days faster than Redbox, which has an agreement (last we checked) with Warner Bros., Disney and Universal Studios to hold off almost a month in exchange for deeper bulk discounts. Second, we’re cheaper than renting a movie on iTunes, even for standard-def! Next, we require much less commitment than Netflix. Who needs to be in a relationship that’s so clingy? And finally, we’re located in the smack-middle of Hillsboro, right next to Tabor College, and inside the Ampride Cenex, which means you can also stock up on your drinks, snacks and pizza for your night of entertainment!
You can browse the Instaboro Movie Box’s current inventory either on the touchscreen–hit “Rent”–or by looking at the titles stacked along the front of the box. (Note: more movies are located inside the machine, out of view.) Once you’ve found a movie you want to rent, select it on the touchscreen and follow the prompts, which will guide you through terms of use and payment. Swipe your card, and the movie will pop right out.
New release DVDs are priced at $2.49 per night, while older titles are priced at $1.99. New release Blu-Ray discs are priced at $2.99 per night, and older titles are $2.49. Local sales tax will also be added to your final total, which will be charged to your card after you’ve successfully returned the disc.
Before swiping your credit card, there will be an option to add a coupon code. Just type in the code, and if it’s valid your discount will be applied.
Just hit the “Return” button on the touchscreen. The bay door will open, and you can slide your movie right in. Make sure you have it oriented so that the silver arrow sticker is up and pointing into the movie box.
All rentals are due returned to the Instaboro Movie Box by 9:00 AM the following day. The applicable fee for a rental will be charged each day, for up to 10 days, after which you will have essentially purchased that movie. If you’ve held a movie for more than 10 days, you do not need to return the movie, and your card will be charged the full movie price. (See Terms & Conditions for details.)
There are several ways to keep up-to-date on new releases in the Instaboro Movie Box. First, download the Instaboro app in the App Store or Google Play. It’s free! You’ll have the option to receive push notifications each time we add new movies. (You’ll also be alerted to special deals.) You can also like the Instaboro page on Facebook. And of course, check this website.
Nope. Though our machine is red, and it is in the shape of a box, we have no affiliation at all with Redbox. We’re locally owned and operated, right here from Hillsboro!